• Building the world’s ​leading
    Xborder platform

    We have set out to build the world’s leading platform for X-Border Trade, removing friction, connecting markets, enabling SMEs, driving prosperity, and contributing to a connected and sustainable world.
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Our Cultural Cornerstone

Mission, Vision and 
Values first

Product First

Xindus is 24/7

Be an Owner, Be a leader,
Be a bar raiser
Embrace Opportunity,
Embrace Ambiguity

Share, align and 


Demonstrate Positivity 

and Humility

No Sales, No Business

Data, Details, Deep Dive

Seek Feedback, Embrace Conflict, Discard Consensus

Double Down and 


 Execute relentlessly 

We are a flexible and supportive workplace

Robust Career

Family Health




No Dress Code

Employee Stock


Acquaintance With

Like-minded Folks

​internship Program

Building the next generation of leaders in the Global space

Xindus internship program was designed to build the next generation of leaders in the Global  space. Through this intense 12 week program, students get the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of individuals featuring Engineers, Logistics Experts, ex-Founders,  X border Leaders, etc. 

The Internship Program has served as an incredible opportunity to help students get a full-time opportunity with Xindus, If you are interested in becoming a part of this venture, then we would love to know your story :)

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