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Our Story

Our Story

Xindus....X-Border from Indus

We aim to take Indian SMEs global.

As India goes from being a USD 400 B merchandise export economy to a USD 4 Trillion export economy over the next 15-20 years, we will build the ecosystem to allow SMEs to participate and win in the Global Market.

Our story is based on personal experiences from integrating Indian manufacturing into global value chains, seeing the challenges of X-Border Trade closely.

Even large organizations struggle to manage global trade execution. However, they create winning playbooks through access to technology, talent, capital, and a partner ecosystem.

SMEs are left to fend for themselves, working across intermediaries and agents, unreliable services, high costs, poor know-how, compliance risk, lack of market access and understanding.

Xindus will change this game, we are the platform to level the playing field in Global Trade. To Enable SMEs anywhere, to be able to sell everywhere, and compete with the largest organizations effectively.

As we say at Xindus.....Exim Made Easy

Our Story Has Just Begun……..