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Xindus XLN

Xindus XLN

XLN reimagines the movement and storage of goods across national boundaries and continents. The problem we solve and the value we create is good for large enterprises and small businesses. However, we are biased, and this is a superpower we are only opening to the small businesses.

Before XLN, you would need to work with multiple agents/partners for first mile movement, clearance, port to port movement, destination clearance, and delivery. Different contracts, hidden charges, surprises, no visibility, and a feeling of helplessness when things fell apart across this broken chain.

And this same story as you moved from air to ocean or forwarder to forwarder, trying one, moving to the other, trying to solve for speed, cost, service. Failing again and again.

XLN makes this history, we delivery X-Border Logistics that just works, all of it, in one place, predictable, visible, on-tap, air or ocean, forward or reverse, warehousing and fulfilment, compliance integrated, B2B or B2C or everything together. No surprises, no hidden costs, repeatable, scalable.

Sounds like a Dream….We invite you to Live this Dream….

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